Hexagon Smart M.Apps are simple to use, lightweight mapapplications that solve business problems. They provide answers and present information in a visual and compelling way. Smart M.Apps are publically available as cloud-based apps through the M.App Exchange, the Smart M.App storefront. M.App Enterprise, on the other hand, delivers a privately hosted Smart M.App solution for organizations that want to realize the value of a Smart M.App deployment,and make it available over their enterprise network. With M.App Enterprise, you can access Smart M.Apps anywhere within your organization’s network or make them available externally for real-time answers, whenever you need them,wherever you need them.


Smart M.Apps revolutionize the way we envision, experience and communicate geographic information. These targeted, information services combine fresh geospatial content and workflows to deliver an interactive experience that includes a map and a dashboard of insightful analytics alongside it. Now everyone in your organization is able to analyze and view the information that is relevant to business success.

Below you can watch a short introduction movie on M.App Enterprise. Do you want to know how M.App Enterprise can benefit your organisation? Please contact us for more information.

Introductie M.App Enterprise door Mladen Stojic