ERDAS APOLLO 2016 v16.3

ERDAS APOLLO 2016 v16.3

Hexagon Geospatial announces the immediate release of ERDAS APOLLO 2016 v16.3 (16.0 EP03), which includes new RESTful APIs, additional ISO metadata updates, performance improvements, and the resolution of various customer-reported issues.

Product Summary

ERDAS APOLLO manages all your data through a single, searchable catalog. Data sources are published using standardized services such as OGC-based services to securely share data to external users. Large volumes of data are delivered through direct download.

ERDAS APOLLO 16.0 EP03 release marks the migration to ERDAS APOLLO RESTful (Representational State Transfer) API Framework to extend and customize ERDAS APOLLO. RESTful API provides:

• Use of simple HTTP requests rather than requiring Java programming experience
• Use of simple HTTP requests rather than requiring Java programming experience
• Easier integration into existing software packages• Documentation that is built directly into the product
• Direct testing

This release introduces a new “scalable crawler” to distribute jobs across available CPUs. Current testing has shown 3 – 5 times boost in performance in time elapsed in seconds.

There have also been extensive platform updates, as well as stability and performance improvements, across a variety of workflows. It is highly recommended customers upgrade to this version.

See the ERDAS APOLLO 16.0 EP03 Release Guide for details.


ERDAS APOLLO 2016 v16.3 is available for download immediately. Licensing and Distribution ERDAS APOLLO can be downloaded from the Hexagon Geospatial download site.

For the APOLLO Advantage/Professional installation package, this release is an incremental install on top of an install of ERDAS APOLLO 2016, 2016 EP01, or 2016 EP02.

Due to unforeseen technical issues, the APOLLO Essential installer is distributed as a full installer only. Customers are still able to seamlessly upgrade via this workflow.

Updated license files are not required to run this release. Support Discussion Forums, the latest Product Release information and Knowledge Base access are all now available from the Hexagon Geospatial Community Portal.